Video Problems And Monsters Not Appearing In Most Maps In Lan Play.

Discussion in 'Support' started by ScouseNick, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Sep 25, 2015
    Due to slow load times on my mechanical hard drive, I decided to install Steam onto SSD instead - I only use this machine for games, anyway. All else was fine with the mechanical hard drive, apart from map locations, see later.
    Since doing that problems have appeared.
    Following Find Server, the next screen was filled with large pink and black squares, the next two screens also had smaller areas of pink and black screens, and in Coop mode, when it works, my partner position through walls is a small square also filled with pink and black squares.
    Then in most maps, changing the game to Coop has no effect. No monsters appear, but we can no longer kill each other.
    The other machine is fine graphically, but it shares the Coop problem.
    We use the good machine as the Server, but it doesn't matter which as the Coop problems appears with either.
    I began comparing directories and files - there are differences. From ModularCombat\2007 the folders appear to be identical but each machine has different files. As the good machine was OK, I tried matching the folders on both machines, some files were added, but now other graphic problems have appeared on the 2nd machine, at beginning and now during gameplay.

    The important questions are:
    Are there any files on either machine that are system or graphic card specific? Both machines are Win7, but hardware is different. Both are AMD X64.
    Will adding all missing files from the good machine onto the problem machine cause problems? And what about adding missing files from problem machine to good machine?

    I don't want to reinstall on the problem machine because it IS an SSD, and the problems happened anyway. On the problem machine I have always had to copy the original maps into the folder that the downloaded subsequent maps install into, as they don't show up in the Server lists until copied there. But before adding the extra maps, the original maps do show up in the Server lists.

    Any ideas woiuld be helpful. Including why the two machines get different layouts and files, and why I have to copy the original map files into the subsequent map folders.

    Frankly, I'm at a loss here.

    Sorry it's so long, but these are the problems I'm experiencing.
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    There's nothing specific to graphics cards as it works off the Source engine and as far as we know, source doesnt have these limitations. Copying files will not fix anything, see my solutions below.

    The texture problems and monsters being invisible are caused by file corruption. Either the files didnt copy properly when you copied them or the hard drive itself is bad. An easy method of restoring an SSD to full performance is to format it. Before formatting you should check the performance of the hard drive. Download Crystal Disk Image (link), run it, click the status for your SSD at the top and look at its health status below in the big blue square. In the box below it are a bunch of rows of text, if any of them have their current value equal to or lower than to the threshold value; then your SSD is starting to die.

    If your SSD still looks good, next thing to do would be to verify the integrity of Modular Combat's files. The only way to do this is, open Steam Game Library, right click "Modular Combat", select "Properties", select "Local Files" tab and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files". It will take a while to check and Steam will redownload any files it finds corrupt. If both LAN computers are suffering from the problem (black and purple checkers and invisible monsters) then both computers will need to verify the integrity of Modular Combat's files.