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    Feb 22, 2015
    One of our new modelers is just about to start working on the Mutant Scientist (aka Ucanax) model.

    We are going to do something most game developers don't do; that is show you in real time from start to finish the creation of a 3D character model. Please note that it is a long and slow process so some of you might consider it boring.

    Starting today, every day at 5PM EST to 7PM EST Torix will live stream creation of this character model. Some days Torix might not be able to work on it so this news post will be updated if that is the case.

    5PM to 7PM EST converted to other time zones:
    • 2PM to 4PM PST (Western US/Canada)
    • 4PM to 6PM MST (Central US/Canada)
    • 10PM to 12AM UTC (England, France, etc.)
    • 1AM to 3AM UTC + 3 (Russia)
    • 5AM to 7AM UTC + 8 (Hong Kong)
    • 7AM to 9AM UTC + 10 (Australia)

    If you aren't able to watch in real time, then you can watch the archived videos.

    Torix has prepared an introduction where he describes the process he's going to use. You can watch it at:

    Live streams are at:

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