Modular Combat 2 Progress + Preview

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    Feb 22, 2015
    It may not seem like it, but we have been working diligently on the demo these past few months. It will take us a lot longer than we initially estimated though. A minimum of 6 months and this is because we are making the best demo we can make (low and high poly models, hundreds of model animations, custom music composed by a real studio musician and a lot more).

    The team has also grown larger during this time and now consists of 10 people[]; new content is being created everyday. We can't tell you exactly what the demo will contain but we can share concept art of one of the character models:


    On Friday September 2nd we will reveal what this concept art is. In the meantime, feel free to let your imaginations run wild.

    In an effort to optimize the game so it's playable on as many computers as possible we encourage you to fill out our Hardware/Software survey here[]. Information is non-identifying and kept confidential.

    P.S. If you want to be notified when we make the Kickstarter announcement, please sign up to our newsletter here[]. It will only be used to announce any kickstarter related news.

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