First Textured Player Model Revealed

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    Feb 22, 2015
    Our new texture artist Mauro has been hard at work these past few weeks and we have something to show everyone. The following shows the textured Nanite player. You will be able to choose any color too (colors included in this image are just examples of how different colors affect the appearance).

    The image above shows much more detail when you view it at 100% zoom. Click here[] to see.

    Note: Weapons will slot into the missing right arm.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Will Modular Combat 2 be free?
    Answer: Yes.

    Question: Will Modular Combat 2 have the same teams and take place in the same universe?
    Answer: No, because Valve owns the IP to the Half-Life universe and licensing it would be too expensive.

    Question: Will Modular Combat 2 be a Source mod too?
    Answer: No, Source is too old and waiting for Source 2 to release will take too long (since no one knows when it will be released). So instead the engine will be Unreal.

    Question: Will Modular Combat 2 have feature ____ that Modular Combat has?
    Answer: Yes all the features in Modular Combat will be available in Modular Combat 2. The storyline, team names/appearances are the only things that are changing.

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