Other Console Complains About Nat Or You Get Disconnected After A Few Minutes

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    I just replied to some random user on the Nintendo support forums and i figured i would share my solution here for everyone else.

    If you are having online multiplayer problems with your console (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc.) where your console complains about NAT being too strict then one of the following solutions will work for you:

    First some background into the problem:

    Most consoles require open NAT to function correctly. Most routers use strict NAT. This is more secure but it breaks online play. There is no way to change a router that uses strict/moderate NAT to use open NAT. The only thing you can do is change to a router that uses open NAT instead.

    Other guides tell you to enable DMZ or open ports and in most cases these will not solve the problem.

    Solution 1 (Potentially Expensive):

    I originally did this to get a VOIP phone working but it will work with anything that needs open NAT.

    Call your ISP and ask them if you can get a second IP. It can be expensive; for instance my ISP was charging me $20 per month just for the additional IP! Then connect a network switch (not a router! there is a difference between a network switch and a network router) to your modem and connect your console and your router to the network switch. If your console is currently using a wifi connection, you will need to get an ethernet adaptor*.

    Solution 2 (Cheaper But Annoying For Other Users In Your Home):

    Alternately, if your ISP charges too much for the additional IP or they don't offer it at all, then you can temporarily connect your console directly to your modem but again you would need to use a wired connection and no one else in your household would be able to use the internet while you're playing on your console.

    *Try to stick with a officially licensed adaptor or network switch and be aware of counterfeits as 3rd party ones can have bad performance and lots of packet loss which will translate to you getting your ass kicked. If you buy from Amazon, make sure amazon itself sells and fullfills it as 3rd party sellers can sell counterfeit products as legit products.

    Just some keywords for search engines:
    Your NAT type is set to strict (or moderate)
    Error nw31374-8
    Error Code: 2618-0516
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